After finishing a rather long chapter of learning in my life I sold all my belongings and went to travel in Asia. I decided to live in Korea because I could teach while there and because Korean girls are hot.


Playing “Go Stop” with a Korean friend

When I arrived I decided to immerse myself in Korean culture. I only made Korean friends, ate Korean food and put my whole heart into teaching my 512 18 year-old High School students. I would show them YouTube videos, help them fall in love with Canada and give them every reason to enjoy our classes together. Teaching HS kids is tough, but if you enjoy it… they see through your strict rules and love you back.

Eating Korean food was a challenge. For entire weeks at a time I would only eat one particular kind of food because I didn’t know how to order anything else in the restaurants. During my first year in Korea I lost about 30 pounds. A few health problems followed which were remedied with lots of meat and healthy foods: duck, beef, lamp, fish and shrimp.

I wholeheartedly put my heart into Korean culture, earned the admiration of Korean who couldn’t believe my Korean (speaking) and left Korea with a Korean fiance. 🙂