Back in 2009, while attending McGill University, I got addicted to a MMO game called Travian. The game graphics travianwere simple but the mechanics were complex enough. There was a need for a strategy guide but none existed.

I wrote a PDF guide and priced it at $7.99 allowing people to pay for it via PayPal. I also made an upsell which was a slightly longer version, and I priced it at $11.99. About 80% of users went for the higher priced one, so I changed my strategy. I offered the $11.99 one on the front-end and made the upsell a $24.99 70-page PDF. The strangest thing happened!

80% of people purchased the higher priced book! Within 2 weeks I created a $47 version which was the 70-page PDF w/ 10 videos answering the top 10 frustrations users wrote in that they had (I ran a free aWeber newsletter). Now I offered $24.99 on the front end and the $47 upsell. There was a whopping 65% of users who opted for the higher $47 priced package.

I built my list with forum posts and Yahoo (what is now known as Yahoo Gemini) Search traffic. I also built an affiliate program with custom code I found online. The whole business was profitable and generated cashflow for me at a time when I didn’t have much money. My margins were 90-93%.

The Kindle version of the book can be found here.