Lessons and Concepts from 2016

As many of you know, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as an affiliate manager for one of the major display/pop networks in North America. For the better part of the last 2 years I have watched as affiliates run offers and generate crazy amounts of money using strategies most deemed dead. One time one of my $500K/year affiliates didn’t believe that a UK Tesco offer could make $300K+ in 3 months on FaceBook. Well it did, and he ended up making half a mil on that offer over about 3 months.

The ability of an affiliate to generate revenue online is one thing, but what really defines someone is their ability to make money day after day, month after month. Consistently generating payments from a network for high quality traffic. Now that’s a really business. You all, no doubt would love to have something like that, so I’ve decided to put together some insights that I’ve noticed in the last year. These are not the only explanations for super affiliates and the revenue they generate, but it is a good list and a good introduction to the topic, if it’s new to you.

Dedicated Teams

The guys who push volume aren’t one-man-shows anymore. They’ve either built software that works for them, 24/7, or they’ve hired teams employees at $200-300/mo to work around the clock. These people load up new offers, optimize, pause, test… just about anything that can be broken down from “luck” to “formula”.

Teams & Partners

Nothing great can ever be accomplished alone. Sure, you can make $10K/mo on your own, sitting at home in your underwear… but wouldn’t you rather tap into the “great” in you and make $400,000/mo and have a small team that manages the whole operation on their own?
We see great partner deals being worked out. Finding a good partner is a lot like finding a lover… they don’t show up often, but when they do you need to be ready to take action. As often as I see great teams responsible for insane growth, I see another common thread…

Showing Up vs. Growing Up

I’ve been working with Mundo Media for 1.5 years. Before Mundo I took a chance on my dreams and build a company. Failed. I’ve just about rebuilt myself back up. And once I do this, I’ll be ready for the next big venture. What will my next attempt be? Will I run off and do something else?
No. That’s the thing I’ve noticed since starting here. The guys who are the most successful are not hopping from one method to another. The FaceBook guys are still doing it. The mailers are still very much mailers. They’ve evolved… but they didn’t give up.
Many of you know I read. I’ve read 8 of Trump’s books. The theme of never giving up comes up a lot… “Never give up, you can change… but never give up”

What Should I Be Focusing on Right Now?

This is the question you should be asking yourself every single day. If you can get into the habit of closing your eyes for 60 seconds, every few hours and asking yourself questions that bring your focus back to where it should be, you can get a lot more done.
Right now, you should be focusing on this message.
No matter how bad things look… stay focused on the solution.

Intelligence – Keep Yourself Updated

Always be open to new ideas.
It’s OK to test a new concept or traffic type. Just make sure it enhances your core focus – know what you’re doing.
The guys who have been running with me since the beginning are always improving their main focus. There are guys generating $200k, $400k and $500k per year with just Mundo. I know they do 10x that much across all networks.

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